About Us

Everything you need to know about our Association

Why choose Us.

We are a volunteer led multi cultural and multi faith charity working with asylum seekers and refugee communities in North West Birmingham, which is home to the largest number of migrants in the Midlands. The area is among the poorest in the country in terms of health, employment, housing and income (National Indices of Deprivation).

Our Mission.

We aim to build the confidence of newly arrived migrants, helping them to stand on their own feet and participate in UK society. This support has enabled some to join with other members of their community to form their own organisations. One of our priorities is encouraging their engagement with the long established host communities, the majority of whom are of Irish, Caribbean and South Asian heritage.

What we Do.

We offer benefits, employment, housing and debt advice on a drop in basis. Immigration Advice is available on site on a sessional basis. We are involved in a significant partnering relationship with Handsworth College and other local organisations to develop a Peoples'Heritage Centre celebrating the area's diversity.

Meet Our Partners

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